Four Photos of Flowers (and how they inspire me)

It's interesting. I like many adults have suffered from sleep problems for most of my life. It's rare for me to sleep more than 6 hours. But every so often I do. My body crashes. Last night was one such instance. I went to bed around 1:00am--which is late for me--and didn't wake until nearly 11:00am this morning. It was disorienting to say the least. And I'm not sure what it was--the long sleep or the grey and rainy day--but I woke with a feeling of melancholy. Not anything too heavy, just enough to put me in an introspective mood. Seeing that I woke too late to go to church, I read the NY Times on line while I had coffee and then went out for a long walk in the drizzly weather and took photos. I took a bunch of them--of all sorts of things--but am only showing some of my favorites; the flowers. I find it interesting in that when taking photos it forces me to look at--contemplate--the thing I'm pointing the camera at. The one above, for example, is a flower on a tree...who knew that inside its white leaves was hidden such beauty. Or the one directly below--a dandelion--on any other day these are the nemesis to my garden, but when viewed up close, through the lens of a camera, it is beautiful. Anyhow, it's likely that the brilliant color of these flowers on such a grey day has added color--inspiration--to my spirit. And I thought I'd share. Click any for a larger view.

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