One Photo One Day Later

This flower was part of a series I posted yesterday. It's a flower in my next-door neighbor's front yard. It had rained for a good part of the day and when I came home in late afternoon it had stopped, and as I was unloading my bike in front of my house I saw this glistening and swaying in the I took another picture of it. Later, when I uploaded it to my computer it took my breath away. It still does. I remember hearing somewhere that what drives a painter to paint is to capture on canvas what they see so they can share it with the world. I don't remember where I heard that, or if it was attributed to a specific artist, or if I actually heard it at all. But I've come to realize that this is the reason I post share what I saw. Beauty in everyday life. It inspires me (share what I saw). And this is what I saw today. Click it for a larger view.

Urban Simplistic.