Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#418) a brief comment and a video

On the bike...A gym bag containing wet clothes, a canvas bag containing an extra camera and batteries, and 3 liters of red wine.

A brief comment...If you've been to this blog more than once you likely know that my "adult beverage" of choice is red wine (coffee is my other vice but that's in the early part of the day). I've carried many things on bikes but one of the more difficult is liquids...they are heavy and sloshy. But these too are easily carried on a bike. The picture above is an example. I've recently discovered the the front rack on both the Cargo-T and the Mundo are perfect for carrying 1.5L sized bottles of wine. Simply place a paper bag or a piece of cardboard between them and strap them down tight. I just thought I'd pass this along as a household tip of the day :)

The video (an oldie but a goody)...

UB40 - Red Red Wine by EMI_Music

Urban Simplicity.


the_big_smile said…
UB 40 is just great, great, great!
Joe said…
UB 40 is great...I just re-watched/listened to the video...I have a Big Smile :)