Many readers likely know that for some time now this blog has had two entities, sister or mirror blogs if you will..the blogger version and the mirrored wordpress site. A few months ago I purchased the domain name urbansimplicity.com as the blogger site, and just a few days ago I transferred the wordpress address to urbansimplicity.net. It will still run as the same...posting to the blogger site (urbansimplicty.com) then transferring it to wordpress (urbansimplicity.net). Both sites will still be identical with the exception that the blogger address has more links on the sidebar. Thank you to those who visit and comment, it makes me remember that my idiosyncratic ramblings and photos are actually received by someone. Peace.


DanT said…
Hi Joe.
I only ever go to the .com site. Also, I never use FaceBook so I appreciate your using blogger.
Thanks for your efforts,
As always,
Joe said…
Hi Dan, The dot com, or blogger site, is sill the main site. Everything gets uploaded there first. Thanks.