An Army of One..a really little one

I generally do not post things on this blog related to politics or the military (other than my posts regarding military bicycles), it's just not what I want this blog to be about. But when I came across this photo today I couldn't help myself (I found it at A Taste for Social Media). Has anyone seen this image before? I'd be interested to know if it is real or just Photoshopped...and if it is real, where it is and what the circumstances were. Peace.

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Anonymous said…
As a combat vet with strong political opinions (that I keep to myself :p),I rarely read posts about the military or politics,but my friend,that's just too cute a pic to not post,nice )

The Disabled Cyclist
Joe George said…
It is a great picture :)
Julia Ioffe, a journalist living in Russia who has written for publications including the New Yorker and Forbes, shot this image of a young boy on a bicycle facing a sea of Russian troops. The thousands of helmeted riot police were present to prevent at least 1,000 people from protesting a new six-year term to be served by Vladimir Putin, who was sworn into office Monday at a ceremony at the Kremlin.
Joe George said…
Val...awesome! Thank you so much for the info. I love the photo.
Jim said…
Hi Joe and others,

I just came across this article about the photo - it's as Val described.

Joe said…
Jim...excellent. Thanks for the link.