Beautiful and Incredible--but Slightly Inconvenient--Nesting

Okay...firstly, this is incredible. A tiny little bird family on my front porch. But the reason I say it is inconvenient is its location...on a faux bamboo shade to shield the sun from my house on a hot it was 89F/32C. I noticed the bird's nest starting to take shape a few weeks ago and before I knew it I could see a bird sitting in there; I figure she was guarding eggs. I can see the nest from the window next to my computer and glanced out today and saw the little beaks sticking up over the straw. I went out and stood on a chair to get pictures. I didn't want to get too close (I used the zoom) but still the mother flew away when I stood on the chair. I snapped a few quick pictures and got down before momma bird came back with papa and a few of his friends (maybe I've watched too many Alfred Hitchcock movies). She came back almost immediately after getting off the chair. It's night now, and as I type these words I can see her silhouette perched in the nest with her chicks. I'll not be able to use that shade until they leave the nest, I suppose. But it's worth it. Sometimes it's so easy to forget (I'm speaking of myself here) how incredible and amazing the fabric of life is. Things like this help me remember.

Urban Simplicity.


Anonymous said…
That's just TOO cool,my friend!

The DC