The Birds...Two Days Later and Under a Watchful Eye

This is a continuation of a post I entered two days ago regarding these cute little birds that have taken to nest on my front porch. It's amazing how they've grown in just two's the first time I looked in on them since the previous post, which I believe is right after they hatched. I was curious, so I went out with a stood and stood on it. And just like the other day the mother bird left the nest when I approached...but this time she didn't go far. She flew to a branch only about ten feet away and watched...her head may have been sideways but we know she was watching my every move. Anyhow, I talked nicely to them (and her) as I snapped a few photos and assured her I meant them no harm. Amazing, I think. I'll try to post a few more pictures in a couple of days, if she allows it...

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