The Last Remnant...literally and figuratively

Many of you likely know that I have finally (finally!) given up car ownership (or in my case, truck ownership) and have have seamlessly moved from being car-lite to car-free. Well in a last act of departure I had to "surrender" the plates to the DMV today, and it seemed appropriate--as if in some final death march--to carry them on one of my bikes. Done. Finito. Fini.

Urban Simplicity.


Anonymous said…
Awesome! :D

I have a small collection of one-of-the-two-issued (or in the case of the lone WV license I've kept,the only one issued) plates I've had personalised hanging for bike-shed wall decor,LOL! For a WV "OLDNSLOW" off a nice '69 Beetle I had,to "BN4WHLN" in VA when I had a much lifted and environmentally despicable F150 I once owned and loved. If ever I can go car-free (meaning,if old spinal ailments would allow),I'll add my current and favorite plate to the mix,my wife and I's initials,surrounded by "Share The Road" and a bicycle sign printed by VA on it,LOL!

The Disabled Cyclist

(weird,sometimes I cannot get it to allow me to "log in" to my Wordpress identity to post comments,I assre you,"anonymous" is in fact me,however :p)
Anonymous said…
Well done on going car free. That last step is big!
Joe George said…
Thanks for the support.

And DC...let me know if that continues to be a problem, I'll send a message to blogger help.