Mother and Child Reunion

A few things first. In the event this is the first you've seen these birds this is a continuation of a post I started a week ago regarding birds that have taken residence on my front porch. To see previous posts, click here, here, and here. I've been somewhat concerned because I haven't seen anyone tending the babies in the past day but I think they (the adult birds) have simply been sneaky about it. The image above is the best shot I've gotten of the elusive mother. She's skittish and sees or hears me as I approach the window. Actually, as it turns out, I'm not sure if the above bird is the mother or the turns out there have been two of them taking care of the baby chicks. Both are small birds--likely not taller than four or five inches--but the other bird has bright red breast and neck feathers. It's amazing watching them feed and tend to the little ones. But speaking of them...they're not that little any longer. It's amazing how quickly they grow. The best I can figure is there are four or five of them pictured in the pile of feathers below...pretty soon they will be overflowing from the nest.

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