New York State Paid Me to Remove My Truck from the Road

Yup, it's true. Many of you know that I recently sold my truck, and after being car-lite for many years I am finally car-free (I did recently join Buffalo Car Share but haven't used it yet...haven't used a car in more than a month actually). Anyhow, as if the savings from the true cost of car ownership weren't enough, New York State sent me a refund check for un-registering my truck. A few weeks ago when I turned in my plates the nice woman at the counter told me I would likely receive a check in the mail because I had almost a year left on my vehicle's registration. Honestly, when she told me this I just sort of shrugged it off...yea, right, like the state is going to give me money back for this, I thought to myself. Well, I stand corrected. The proof is above. And it's interesting that in the past month or so that I have not had my truck I haven't really missed it (obviously it's much easier this time of year while the weather is nice). And while I enjoy the benefits of physical exercise and the peace of mind riding a bike or walking, a side benefit is that it's a lot easier on my wallet...and that makes me happy.

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Anonymous said…
That's just cool beans,my friend!

The Disabled Cyclist