Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#443)...and a couple comments

On and being pulled by the bike...$184.67 in groceries.

Comment #1...I went to a big box supermarket today, haven't been to one on a while. Not that I'm boycotting them or anything...I just don't find them that convenient and would much rather shop in a smaller store. Anyhow, as my merchandise was being rang out I noticed that the cashier was putting it in plastic bags. I asked her not to put the remainder in bags, that I didn't need them. I also mentioned that we could simply put the groceries back in the cart. How are you going to get them home, she asked, do you have bags in your car. Well, I told her, I have baskets and a trailer for my bike...I can just put everything in those without the bags. You're going to carry all of this home on a bike, she inquired (it was a full cart). Yes, I don't live too far. She eyed me suspiciously for the remainder of the transaction.

Comment #2...It is possible for an adult to survive in America without the daily use of a car.

Urban Simplicity.


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I'll add a word to the single word replies I'm kinda used to leaving....VERY nice :)

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