A View from My Handlebars

It was--and still is--a beautiful spring day as I rode to work earlier this morning. And as the weather gets more pleasant I am seeing more and more people on bikes (not all are crazy enough to ride year round). On my short commute there was one cyclist in front of me (pictured) and two behind me...it's nice not being a lone cyclist on an early morning ride.

Urban Simplicity.


Anonymous said…
There is some solice to be found in riding alone too....but you're right,it's always cool to see others ot enjoying the ride :)

The DC
kfg said…
The second complaint of people moving from a small town to a big city (Buffalo counts as a big city in this context. A small town would be someplace like Gowanda) is how lonely it is.

The first complaint is how noisy it is, even in the middle night when you're trying to sleep.

Oddly enough, these are the same complaints of people moving from the big city to a small town. I guess perspective really is everything.
Joe George said…
DC...I agree, there is solace in riding alone.

Kfg...I also agree, perspective is everything. And oddly, I always think of Buffalo as a small town (nice to hear from you, btw).
kfg said…
The working definition of a Small Town is one in which you know everybody by sight, which is why they don't feel lonely to a resident even though there's "nobody" there.

The working definition of a big city is one with several all night diners. If it has more than one Denny's in a "Metropolitan Area" it is definitely a big city.

You are thinking of Buffalo in comparison to The City, but NYC is a Great City, or, in cycling terms, Hors Cat├ęgorie. The whole of the US only has two of those and most countries go without, even though they may have a Big City or three.