Food for Thought (a pro-bike post)

I found these images at various locations with a simple Google search. As many of you know I've been car-lite for years and am recently car-free. It's interesting that I've been without a car for nearly two months and I barely notice it (this winter will be the true test). And I realize that if you are reading this blog I am likely "preaching to the choir," but I found these images interesting and thought I'd share. Peace.

Urban Simplicity.


Anne Littlebird said…
I have been reading your blog for some time and really enjoy it! I have been car free since 2008 and it has been very liberating for me. Although I get many concerned comments from people that I know who think I am stupid not to have a car (I am 55 and for some reason that makes a difference).

I am surprised though at the number of car free propaganda that state no car insurance. I do carry a small policy for several reasons - not only on occasion renting a car to go beyond my radius - but if I did not and needed to go back to car life I would be buying insurance at the higher rate of a new user. I was stunned to find that out when I first sold my car. If I was in my 20s I might risk it but I would be stupid to think that at my age I might have to go back to owning a car if my health precluded me from riding a bike 100% of the time.

I applaud your new car-free lifestyle. It's really a wonderful thing and I have not regretted for one moment selling my Subaru.
Joe George said…
Hi Anne,

Thanks for you kind words and encouragement. It's also nice to hear of someone in the same age bracket that is car free (I'll be 51 this year). I was car free for most of my 20's and 30's but not for the past 10 or so years...and I just got tired of owning a car. But we'll see how my mood is in 6 months...winters can be pretty rough in Western New York. Peace