The View from My Handlebars...six photos of buildings and sky

I've mentioned this before but I will again. I find it interesting when on a bike how keenly aware you are of the weather (how could you not be). Last week, for example, we had a mini-heatwave and I was conscious of being a sweaty mess wherever I pedaled. Today, though, was just lovely...I know it sounds hokey but that is the word that best describes the weather today. It was breezy and cool with big fluffy clouds moving rapidly across the sky. And--as is often the case--I had camera with me so I snapped a few photos. It's also interesting, I think, how the sky kept changing...from overcast to clear and sunny, and then finally the incredible sunset seen in the bottom photo. The bottom photo, I have to add, is the only one that is not viewed from my handlebars...I took it while standing on my front porch :)

Urban Simplicity.


Amrita said…
Oh for rain bearing clouds to come to us.

Beautiful pictures