The Flavor of Summer...

I made this salad for employee meal last night at work. Like much of the nation it has been hot in Western New York and the last thing I wanted to eat while working in a sweltering kitchen was something hot. This fit the bill; I had leftovers for lunch today. This is really just a variation of tabbouleh or fattoush...and when I say this I mean that while some of the salad ingredients are different (though some are also the same) the flavoring is the same; it's made with a highly flavorful lemon-mint-olive oil dressing. The other key is to use lots of fresh parsley (too often American tabbouleh recipes lack a significant amount of parsley, making it a bulgar wheat salad garnished with parsley when in fact t is a parsley salad garnished with wheat). In addition to the vinaigrette and parsley in this recipe, I also used tomato, chick peas, cucumber, onion, and shredded carrots (I thought about adding cooked and cooled potatoes as well but didn't have the time to cook and cool them)...basically you can add whatever ingredients you have...the fresh taste of the dressing and summer ingredients are foolproof.

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WNY Liberal said…
I'm starving now... :)
Joe George said…
That's the's easy to make :)
Summer said…
Sounds wonderful!