Things That Can be Carried ona Bike (#460)...and a quick comment

On the bike...Groceries, sundries, cleaning supplies, wine, dog food and dog care products in and on two cardboard boxes and in a trailer from three separate stores.

A brief comment...This is mostly but not entirely referring to a previous post where I carried home a log on a bike. Things that can be carried on a bike is my original and favorite series of this blog. And I'll often (okay, maybe not often...but sometimes) tell people about it or or about some of the things that one is able to carry on a bike; that it is possible to carry things home and elsewhere without a car. Anyhow, last evening while at work I showed a co-worker the picture of the log on a bike on my work computer (we were on dinner break). Anyhow, he says to me, some may think that that photo is not real. What do you mean, I asked him, that its Photoshopped? All I'm saying is that some people with dubious minds may think the photo is not real. Umm...welll...I think you're a bit dubious, I told him. With that, I assured him the photo was real (and that I've never used Photoshop)...but I'm still not sure he was convinced. I also mentioned to him that in the same way that the journey is not always about the destination but more so about the journey itself, I carry things on my bike(s) because...well...I can, but mostly because I think it's fun. I can afford a car but choose not to. Going to a store for purchases and bringing them home in a car is just that, but doing it on a bike is an adventure...and that is the most important part of it, to me anyhow.

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Oldfool said…
I no longer concern myself with people who put mind limits on what can be done or is done with a bike. I believe that some here would starve to death if they had no car to go to the store. There are three stores and convenience stores a mile and a quarter from here. My remaining auto is out of service yet we still have all we need and it has been raining everyday. I haven't been wet once. I have carried everything from rocking chairs (big) to propane tanks to other bikes (two at once) to daily groceries to logs (big ones on a trailer) etc. People look, shrug and write it off as imaginary.
An automobile requires no thought or imagination but I see little of that around here anyway.
Joe George said…
O.F. Nice to hear from you. And I couldn't agree more. It's crazy how--to some--getting by without a car is not even in their thought process, even for the smallest things. I scratch my head in disbelief, for example, when I see people drive their cars short distances to the health club to ride a stationary bike.
WNY Liberal said…
Ok, this is a two-part question:

1)Do you shop in one place, or multiple places in a trip like this?
2)If multiple, what do you do with the stuff already on the bike? How do you secure it while in the other stores?
Joe George said…
WNY-L...On big trips such as this I usually shop at multiple places for the simple reason that I don't like large supermarkets. I just park the bike out front and hope for the best, so far I've had nothing taken. But I do take certain precautions, such as I wouldn't leave valuables on the bike or bottles of wine within view (which would undoubtedly be snatched).