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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Few Things I Saw While Riding a Bike

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, idyllic really. Bright sun and slightly hotter than I'd like, but really nice. And for whatever reason, I was feeling a bit melancholic. Not sad, per se, but just askew. Annoyed. Something was missing. I didn't make it to the health club for a power-swim, which is always a mood alteration. So instead I went for a rather long (for me) and lazy bike ride through some of the city and to the waterfront and back. Looking at things through the lens of a camera--and before and after taking a photo--and contemplating the view in front of me, is also a good uplift. Because I've found that if you look at something--nearly anything--it is interesting and attractive in it's own way. Sometimes I don't see it and some things are more overt or obvious than others, but it's all just in front of us. After the ride--and having a couple beers at the waterfront--and snapping a bunch of photos, I felt better. It's amazing what a little physical exercise, a little contemplation, and being a little creative can do for a person and their soul. Anyhow, here's a few of the things I saw while riding my bike yesterday; I thought I'd share.

"...the kingdom of the father is spread out over the earth, and men do not see it."
The Gospel of Thomas
Saying 113

Urban Simplicity.

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James said...

very nice photos Joe - and very nicely put. I often take a slow ride around town with the camera after work. A bit of exercise, contemplation and creativity works wonders.