Things That Can Be Carried on a Bike (#469)

A nylon bag containing--among other things--a lap-top computer, an extra camera, a book, a journal, a small magazine, and two granola bars.

Urban Simplicity.


Anonymous said…
Very cool backdrop for your bike. What building is it?
Joe George said…
qd...thanks, but I'm not sure of the name of the building. It's about midway between Allentown and downtown on a small street between Delaware and Elmwood. Was originally an apartment building and I hear it is going to be rehabbed once again...sure hope it doesn't see the wrecking ball.
Anonymous said…
Oh I hope it does get rehabbed! Just got back from western NY and had a great day at Canalside. It's so encouraging to see bits and pieces of Buffalo coming to life. My family spent hours kayaking, biking, and sitting under the shade of a huge old tree there on Saturday, when it was so very hot. I look forward to going back next summer to see what else in Buffalo is seeing new life!