This is Just One Reason I like to Grow Food

There are of course so many reasons why a person should grow at least some of their own food. I do it to save a bit of money, to keep me connected to the earth, but mostly because the food tastes so damn good. This recipe is a perfect example. It is, of course, the classic eggplant (aubergine) Parmesan. Most, but not all, of the ingredients were grown in my front and rear yards. The eggplant, for example, were grown in my front yard about a foot away from the sidewalk (pavements). The sauce for this recipe was made with tomatoes, garlic, and basil grown there as well. As were the hot peppers--I love spicy peppers--that I sauteed then layered in between the eggplant. That said, if there were one really good reason I went through the trouble to prepare, plant, care-for, and harvest food from my tiny yard this summer it would singularly be this was that good. There is something really special about walking out your door, picking food, and cooking it just a few feet/meters away. And I've mentioned many times that you don't need a lot of space. I live in the middle of the city and the entire plot on which my house sits measures a mere 25ft/7.6m by 100ft/30.4m (and 3/4 of it is taken up by the house). Okay...alright...I'll get off my little soapbox. Anyhow, this was/is so good I couldn't stop eating it. I didn't type up a recipe but it's pretty straight forward. If you do need a recipe this one looks pretty good.

Urban Simplicity.


Bricoleur said…

Joe: Vast kudos on this post about one of the many things you taught me to love. Your ratatouille is a Hagberg fam staple, and I got to know a NOLA chef who schooled in in Maryland Fried Chicken, Eggplant version, with maple syrup: flour, egg wash, bread crumbs and at least 4 hrs in fridge to turn into brick, then fry). Cheers.