After the Rain (four photos)

I snapped three of these photos in my garden as I left the house this morning for work, and the other (the bottom one) after arriving home, after things had dried up a bit. I've mentioned on more than one occasion this summer about the lack of rain in Western New rained something like twice the entire summer thus far, and only briefly. It was the same last winter. Other than a week or so of snowy weather it was mostly snow free...and I am talking about Buffalo, NY where we are known for our incredible snowfalls. It is all pretty weird, I have to say. Anyhow, at long last it rained yesterday, and for a good portion of the day. Normally I try to avoid the rain while on a bike but not yesterday; I relished felt so good to be out in it as it washed over me on a hot and humid day. I forgot--and too it for granted--how beautiful it is and what a gift rain is.

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