Bike-Friendly NYC

These are a few photos I took on my most recent trip to NYC. Though I've never lived there I--like multitudes--have been going to NY for decades. It is, in fact, America's largest city and I find the energy intoxicating. But it has only been in the last few years that there seems to be an incredible emerging bicycle infrastructure...and I do mean incredible. But, as I often do...I'm jumping ahead. The above two photos are a couple delivery bikes I saw outside a business (I am always naturally drawn to work/cargo bikes). In a city of this size, sometimes (often) it makes the most sense to deliver things by bike.

The photos most immediately above and below are a few I snapped on my walk back to my room from a class I took this past weekend. Above shows segregated bike lanes, and the green lane above runs along a beautiful public and car-free space that occupies a good portion of Broadway. And the below pics are a few of signage along the way. Anyhow, I find it all really impressive and I thought I'd share. To read previous posts on this topic, click here or here.

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