Just One Reason Why I Prefer the Train over a Plane

There are many reasons I prefer the train over a plane for long distance travel (besides my mild fear of flying), but my favorite reason is simple...the view. These are a few pictures I took through the train window this past weekend; I had dozens of course, but thought I'd only bore you with these five. In the top photo, which was taken shortly after 7am, you can see the mist rising off the rolling corn field, and those below are taken after the train first hugs the Erie Canal to Albany, then turns right and follows the Hudson River down to Manhattan.

Urban Simplicity.


DanT said…
Hi Joe.
Nice photos and I enjoy travelling by train too.
I have thinking of taking the train from Niagara Falls or possibly Buffalo to Manhattan.
I used to take the train from there to Montreal several times a year when I lived in Montreal in the 70s and 80s.
Joe George said…
Hi Dan, Nice to hear from you. Yes train travel is the best (when you have the time). I'll be going to NYC several times over the next couple years for a class I'm enrolled in, unfortunately I'll have to fly for many of them (and I really do not like to fly). Train travel is so civilized.
Joe George said…
Dan, Forgot to mention...the train I was on--the Maple Leaf--originates in Toronto so you'd likely be able to catch it in your area as well :)
DanT said…
That train stops in St. Catharines. just 2 miles from me.