Free Books!

I rode past this box at this corner the other day on my way home from work and had to do a double-take...then I slammed on my brakes. I, like a lot of people, am a bibliophile, so this excited me. A couple years ago I purchased a kindle, but I still prefer actual books. I have many in my house and sometimes plan ahead as to which bookstores I'll visit when I travel; sometimes I buy a book I know I'll not likely read...just because. But alas...sometimes a person can have too many books (yes you can...admit it). When I find I have too many I tend to purge. Usually I'll donate them to my favorite local bookstore (which is sometimes where I bought them in the first place). Anyhow, this I thought is really cool, and it will give me a location to take unwanted books. There were only a half-dozen or so books in there but I'm sure it will grow. There is one other box in the city that I know of (read about it at Buffalo Rising). When I Googled the phrase "free book exchange" I was surprised how popular this is. And in some cities there are actual "stores" that cater to free books (I placed quotes around the word stores because they don't actually sell anything); click here and here to see two examples. Anyhow, I think this is really cool and I am excited about it and thought I'd share. Hopefully this will continue as a trend.

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