Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#398 & #399) and a couple comments

#398 (above)...six pans of food (wild rice pilaf, haricots verts, and haddock roasted with tomatoes, herbs, and white wine) on it's way to a local food pantry.

#399 (below)...a canvas bag full of wet gym clothes, 3L of red wine, and two cardboard boxes containing $64.37 worth of groceries.

A brief was a slow day at work today so I got caught up on some paper work/food costing (some of my least favorite aspects of my job), and because of this I basically sat for most of the day (something I am not accustomed to). To cut to the chase, it felt so good to get out of work and be on a bike. First carrying food to the food pantry, and then going to the gym and grocery shopping. It was a beautiful fall day and started raining lightly as I rode home this evening (bottom photo) but even that felt good.

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