Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#393)...and a brief story

On the bike...A gym bag full of wet clothes, two new pairs of sweat pants, two bags of dog food, and a metal folding chair.

A brief story...So there I was leaving a local chain store carrying one of their shopping baskets with my few items in it. I'm just exiting when I here, "Hey can't take that basket outside." It was an off-duty police officer working as security for the store. Whenever possible, I told him, I choose not to have plastic bags and carry the items out in a basket or cart, load it on the bike and bring the cart or basket back in...then I pointed at my bike which was parked just outside the door. He eyed it suspiciously, then, "Well, you're not supposed to take the baskets out of the store." I'll bring it back in...I promise, I told him. I could see him watching as I loaded the bike just outside the window (did he really think this was a secret plot to steal one of their baskets). When I brought the basket back in and placed it on the pile he wouldn't look at me. I really cannot wait until plastic bags are made illegal's only a matter of time.

Urban Simplicity.