The View from My Handlebars, Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#405)...and a brief comment

I had a crazy day at work today (I've been saying this a lot lately)...rushing around for most of the morning and afternoon, and then just before the workday was done a planning committee informed me of everything they have not liked for the past yearly quarter...which was pretty much everything. Needless to say, between the stress of a hot and bustling kitchen and trying to please a board of directors, when I left work it felt so good to hop on a bike and get out into the crisp open air of autumn. There really is nothing like it (and if you ride a bike you know what I am talking about). Anyhow, the above photo was taken as I waited for the light to change at my favorite intersection in the city, Allen and Elmwood, in the heart of Allentown; the neighborhood in which I both work and live. And on the bike below (#405) are two slices of pizza and a bottle of red wine...tonight's dinner.

Urban Simplicity.