Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#419), and a view from my handlebars

On the bike: a cardboard box containing a quart of milk, a jar of peanut butter, a jar of jelly, a bag of dog food, and a double order of Chinese takeout food.

Chronologically,  these photos are in reversed order. The image below I took on my way to work this morning. Look at that sky...incredible! I love riding a bike when it is chilly and clear; it is the perfect weather for it. And the image above I took on my way home from the health club tonight (the gym bag that is often pictured was actually on my back tonight). I was running late and had to feed my teenage son dinner so I stopped for some quick Chinese takeout. And on a slightly different note: I really enjoy going to this particular Chinese restaurant. Not only because it is close to my house and I am supporting a local business, but also because the people who own/operate it are so nice. They are there morning and night, always have a smile on their faces whenever I go there, and they know me by name. I'm just sayin'...

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