A Chicken in Every Pot...

"A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage."

--Herbert Hoover

It's interesting that the above quote is attributed to the 31st president of America, but it is also said to have originated much earlier. And of course I would like it better if it ended with "and a bicycle in every living room" (doesn't everyone keep their bikes in their living rooms?). Anyhow, as I was making dinner tonight for my son and I, and snapped the above photo, this quote came to mind...tonight I had a chicken in my pot, or at least a couple of Cornish game hens. I prepared them first by poaching them in turkey stock, then removed them and drained the stock (reserving it); now the stock had an even richer flavor. Then I prepared a brown rice pilaf, which I seasoned with traditional Lebanese flavorings (click here for a multitude of recipes), but before adding the stock to the rice to cook it I placed the whole and partially cooked hens in the rice. The outcome was delicious.

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