La neige...

Well Buffalo is really living up to its snowy reputation tonight. I took these photos as I walked home from the health club this evening. In these photos there are only a couple inches on the ground, I easily could have rode a bike in it (I've ridden in much worse) but I knew what the forecast had in I type these words we are getting pummeled, as we have for the past couple hours. By morning we should have at least a foot (30cm) or more. The walk home was beautiful. Because of the predicted storm the streets were nearly empty (and I am glad I didn't ride my bike...I've often said--and I stand by it--that I may be a little crazy but I'm not stupid). Right now I'm sitting next to my small wood burning stove with a glass of wine and my two pugs at my feet. Cozy. Anyhow, I'll post a few daytime pics of the aftermath tomorrow. I just hope no one is stuck out in this. Peace.

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