Less Car More Go!

Birth of an American Cargo Bike from Liz Canning on Vimeo.

I've been meaning to post this for a while. It's an excerpt for the upcoming documentary by Liz Canning on cargo bikes in America. Originally called (R)Evolutions per Minute it is now Less Car More Go. In this portion, which marks the very beginnings of cargo bikes in the US, it is mostly about the xtracycle, which apparently was the first or at least the first to offer them to the masses. I was actually interviewed for this documentary and briefly rode the streets of Buffalo with a camera on my helmet, but with the multitudes of riders interviewed--and many with a far more interesting story than mine--it's doubtful I'll make the cut. So meanwhile, I'll promote bicycling as a viable form of transport from my meager little blog. Anyhow, if you are at all interested in cargo bikes--or bikes as viable forms of transportation--you'll find this brief video interesting.

Here's from the Vemo website..."This a rough cut of the first part of the history of the longtail cargo bike. Parts 1 & 2, when completed, will be featured in LESS CAR MORE GO--a crowd sourced documentary on the birth and boom of the cargo bike."

Liz Canning's web page is here.
(R)Evolutions per Minute Facebook page is here.

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