Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#431, #432, & #433)...and a quick comment

I carried these items/used my bikes since yesterday's "incident." I road the same route today at one point. I'm shaken but not (physically) hurt...just a small bruise on my stomach and scratch on my thigh (likely from when I was vaulted over the handlebars), and my rib cage is sore (likely from when I hit the pavement on my side). With this said, I am truly thankful to be mostly unscathed. Anyhow, the items on the bike(s) are as follows...

#431 (top) son's acoustic guitar, laptop computer, and his incredibly heavy book bag stuffed full of books.

#432 (middle)...a canvas bag containing my laptop, plus three books.

#433 (lower)...nearly two hundred dollars worth of groceries, and a canvas gym bag full of wet clothing.

Urban Simplicity.