Playing with Light...Two Views from My Handlebars

So first of all I have to say it was cold today...really cold. The high temp was 18F/-8C. Tonight it is supposed to dip into the single digits (F). Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the brisk riding conditions. Mind you, I wouldn't want it like this all the time (though in the dog days of summer I'll be pining for a day like this), but tonight it felt good...fresh. There wasn't much snow and what is there was newly fallen so traction was pretty good. Anyhow, if you've been to this blog before you've likely seen one of the above images, or at least a variation of's the corner of Allen and Elmwood here in Buffalo. I pass this intersection multiple times a day. And the two photos are separated by 90 minutes. They were both taken while I straddled my bike in pretty much the same location, but the top one was shot at 5pm while the bottom one was taken at 6:30pm. Same camera; same settings; different times. Sort of interesting, I thought. Interesting enough to share. Click it for a larger view.

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