Things That Can be Carried on My Bike (#439), a Brief Comment, and the View From My Handlebars

On the bike...a canvas bag containing two books, and a journal. A plastic dough rising bucket. A camera bag containing an extra camera. two loaves of freshly baked whole wheat bread.

So last week we received our "big snow," the most snow we've had in a couple years. And what's keeping it hanging around for so long are the has been frigid. And when you're an all-weather cyclist this means not only staying warm but more importantly being fully aware of the riding conditions. The main roads are in pretty good shape, but the side streets are still a mess...inches of loose or packed snow with divots, gullies, or small mounds; unexpected ice patches and other hazards. Today when I came home from work as I pulled in front of my house and onto the sidewalk there was the thinnest coating of ice; so thin I couldn't see it. When I tapped the brakes the bike slipped out from under me before I knew what was happening. It was a warning, I thought, for me not to take the road (or sidewalk/pavement) conditions for granted. Not withstanding, it still felt really good to be out on a bike in the crisp air (I really enjoy the clean feel it offers). But still I couldn't help but think of the road conditions as I pedaled into tonight's dusk. And that was what I was contemplating as I snapped the below photo.

Urban Simplicity.