Weird and Wonderful...For Real now--if you've visited this blog prior--you know that I type away at my keyboard in Buffalo, NY. And while I love to travel and post recipes and pictures from elsewhere, this is my home; and for most of my life it has been. But at the same time, while much of what I write here (and many of the photos) can be considered subversively "pro-Buffalo," I don't ever recall posting anything--such as this video--that is so overtly Buffalo-centric. I'm proud of my city; I always have been. And this video is a good short clip of what it's all about. While Buffalo in the 70's and 80's went through some hard times (indeed, we are still considered part of the Rust Belt) there is so much culture and history here, and a new resurgence happening. Yes we are known for our sometimes harsh winters (especially the Blizzard of 77 and lake effect snow storms) but as I type these words there is a scant amount of snow on the ground. That said, it is also only 7F/-14C outside right now (and yes I rode my bike in it). We are also known for Buffalo Chicken Wings (I'll give you a Buffalo they are referred to simply as wings), but there is so much more. I am a chef who has spent the better part of the last three decades working in white tablecloth restaurants in this city--it's all I've ever done--and the new breed of local chefs rank among the best in the country. I could go on and on about the arts, architecture, and other culture (and I have, sort of ), but I'll stop here. If you are an ex-pat from the Queen City (and you number many) this short video will likely make you homesick. If you've never been here and would like to see just a brief snippet of the city in which I live, this is a good representation. Buffalo, NY...the City of Good Neighbors.

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DanT said…
Hi Joe,
As a neighbour from across the river, for the record, I like Buffalo!
Best wishes,
Joe George said…
Thanks Dan! Nice to hear from you, btw.