Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#455)...and a brief comment about the weather

On the bike...more than $100 in groceries and sundries.

About the weather...the weather today was fine. Seasonably cold with light flurries; the roads were dry. But what I wanted to mention is something that I noticed...not so much about the weather itself but more so about awareness of it. The reason I mention this is that I was having a conversation with someone last night (while we were outside) and commented on what a nice evening it was. "I suppose," they replied. I also added what a roller coaster ride this winter has been this year...freezing cold, then snow, then rain and wind, etc. They told me they didn't notice that much. But what I did notice--or what dawned on me--is that when you live without a car you are likely keenly aware of the weather conditions. Whether you walk, take the bus, or ride a bike, the weather makes a big difference in your day. I'm just sort of thinking aloud via my keyboard and thought I'd pass this along.

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