Aerial Ballet...predators looking for food in the city

This is pretty cool (I think)...birds of prey looking for food in the heart of the city. I first posted about these birds last year, when one of them took up residence in a garden where I work. At the time I thought it was a falcon (our city does have here, here, or here) but a reader suggested that it may be a Cooper's Hawk. Whichever they are they certainly are impressive...and graceful. They were circling above a large construction site where the earth is being excavated. I can't help but wonder if they weren't on the prowl for mice and rats. They were, for the most part, hundreds of feet up just circling, then dipping a little, then circling some more. I watched for about 10 minutes or so as I snapped photos, waiting for the strike but it never happened. Anyhow, I thought I'd share a few of the photos. 

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