Ezekiel French Toast with Pineapple Syrup and Caramelized Mango (recipe and pics)

Sometimes it pays off (for my son) to have a professional cook for a dad. French toast is his favorite breakfast and I make it for him every couple of weeks. I've posted many variations of this but this particular one is one of my favorites (to see other versions of this,  including more pics, directions, and brief histories of French toast, click here.). And like most of the recipes I post on this is just a guide...the bread, syrup, and  fruit are all interchangeable; only the method remains the same. Anyhow, here's how to make it....

Begin by simmering a half-cup (or so) of your favorite juice with a tablespoon or two sugar (I use raw sugar, but it's not necessary). When the juice takes on a syrup-like appearance it is done.

While the syrup is simmering mix together a couple eggs with a tablespoon or two of milk. Soak the bread for a few minutes and then cook it on both sides (in a tablespoon or two of butter and oil). Add the fruit to the pan as the taost cooks and caramelize that as well.

Transfer the toast and fruit to a plate and drizzle it with the syrup. Simple as that. The recipe, in fact, is really simple...but getting your teenage son to do the dishes; well...that's another story.