Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#466)...and a very brief comment

On the bike...boxes of food (quiche, dinner rolls, muffins, etc.) on it's way to a local food pantry.

So okay, I generally love the snow, I really do. But (always a but), this is going on a bit too long this year. If you are reading this from the same area of the world in which I reside (the northeastern US) you likely remember last winter were it--for all intense purposes--failed to snow the entire winter. Now this winter just keeps going. Notice the white diagonal streaks in the photo...those are tiny sharp little hail balls (really tough on the face and eyes while riding), which of course was the precursor to a brief lake effect snow. Nonetheless, I did enjoy it (I like the challenge of riding in it; the sense of accomplishment of using my own power to get myself and other stuff from point A to point B). It'll be summer be for we know it...

Urban Simplicity.


I use a snowboarding helmet (in hi-viz green, of course) and goggles when the snow is coming down horizontally like that. It has improved my comfort level immensely.

Salt Lake City, UT
Joe George said…
DtB...Thanks for this. I used to have a pair of goggles but my pugs chewed them up :)