How to Make a Really Flavorful Vegetable Soup in Twenty Minutes (seriously!)

Okay, so it may take longer than twenty minutes to cut all the vegetables, but if you have them cut (or in my case--being the chef--have someone else cut them for you), this is a really quick and simple process. What is a soup anyway? Just some chopped up stuff cooked in broth, right? Well, partially, but it's more than that. The modern English word comes from the Middle English sup or sop, referring not only to the dish but also the sup is to eat; this is also from where the word supper arose. It also referred to the practice of placing a stale piece of bread in a bowl prior to pouring a thin or meager soup, giving the meal more substance. Anyhow, the way to make any vegetable soup taste really good takes three things...lots of vegetables, a good and flavorful broth (read this article on broths), and the method or sweating the vegetables; meaning covering them and letting them sort of stew or sweat in their own juices prior to adding broth. Soup is without doubt one of the world's great comfort foods (and one of the oldest). For an actual recipe for this soup, read this post. For many other soup recipes, click here.

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