l'heure bleue...

These are two photos of Allen Street, very close to where I live. I had gone for the short walk in the cold, wet, wind and had a camera with me and snapped a couple photos. What is interesting, I think, are the colors. I've often said on this blog--and many of my photos reflect this--that my two favorite times of the day are dusk and dawn (but I'm rarely out of the house to shoot photos at dawn). I've always found this time magical, but as a photographer it is even more so. The light is just right; not too dark, the colors spring forth, and (usually) it is still light enough to hold a camera by hand. And interestingly, I just recently found out that there is an actual name for this...the blue hour, or l'heure bleue. It is an accurate description given the soft blue hue these times offer. Anyhow, I just thought I'd share this.

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