Just a goose...

This post could easily be titled "more things (or another thing) I saw while riding my bike today." I love seeing nature in the city. It is all around us all we have to do is look. And often I don't see it, or at least take it for granted. This morning, for example, while I was riding around taking these photos, I stopped at the edge of Hoyt Lake and sat on a stone wall to rest for a few minutes. And as I sat there my mind was preoccupied and elsewhere (as is often the case) and knew that there was a small gaggle of wild geese nearby but paid them no attention. They were eating dandelions and one came so close to me as I sat that I could hear it chewing. I turned and looked and saw a dandelion hanging out of it's mouth (or is it beak?), pictured above. I snapped a shot and it turned to me a started squawking (pictured below) then went back to eating weeds. It made me laugh. It didn't seem to be afraid of me so I snapped a few more. It was a pleasant respite on a cool spring day.

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