A Few Things I Saw While Riding My Bike Today

I've mentioned on numerous occasions on this blog that one of the (many) things I enjoy about using a bicycle for transportation is that you get to see things that you may not if in a car, or if you did see them you may not be inclined to stop. Anyhow, as often is the case, I had a camera with me on this overcast and drizzly day and snapped a few pictures of a few of the things I saw in my travels. From top to bottom...fallen flowers just outside the rear door of my place of employment (I noticed these as I left work this afternoon), an old section of the Buffalo Psychiatric Center (which is part of the H.H. Richardson Complex and looks straight out of an Alfred Hitchcock film), Bidwell Parkway which is part of the Olmsted Parks Conservancy, another flower in the garden where I work, and finally, the We Never Close store.

Urban Simplicity.