The real heros in the world...

In the midst of the chaos, violence, self-indulgence, and celebrity-ism in which we sometimes find ourselves today, this man--Narayanan Krishnan--is really inspiring. In a way, he makes me think of a modern day Good Samaritan but on a larger scale (though he did start this journey by helping just one single man). He is a chef who not only came from privilege but was also on a promising career track, but he gave it up to feed and care for the homeless and less fortunate (much less fortunate). Watch all the nonsensical "celebrity chef" shows you want but this man is a real hero. I can only hope and pray to someday have even a fraction of his courage to do what he is doing. The above clip is a mere 2 minutes and 20 seconds long; it is a snapshot of his journey. I really hope you watch it. For a longer version watch the below clip which is about 14 minutes. Inspiring...really, really moving and inspiring. Click here to visit his organization, Akshaya.

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