Yes, there are not enough [sic]...

I was in Amsterdam only once, and it was many years ago (egad, 25 to be exact). It was on my first and longest visit to Europe; I went with a friend with open-ended return tickets (is one still allowed to do this today?) and nothing but what we could carry on our backs. There were no iPhones, tablets, DSLR cameras, etc., etc. at the time. Just us, our clothes in our back packs, a few books, and 35mm cameras. Even then I was taken by not only the beauty of the city but also by the way most everyone got around on bikes. And I actually remember the day I took the above photo. It was an alley in the heart of the city (don't ask me where) and as we passed I was taken by it's tranquility.

Anyhow, I recently came across this story at Treehugger regarding this story in the NY Times which comments on how there are too many bikes in Amsterdam. It's interesting in that the NY Times article appears in the very renaissance of bikes in its very city. The below video is in response to the NY Times article.

Urban Simplicity.