A beautiful evening and an anti-auto rant...

Cool photo, right? I took it while on a walk this evening. It looks sort of Star Wars-esque, doesn't it? You'd never know that I took it while in the heart of the city. Anyhow, I had gone for a long walk tonight to clear my head (walked the length of the Elmwood Village here in Buffalo, from Allen to Forest and back again) and twice (yes twice) was almost struck by a car while crossing an intersection while the driver blindly turned while chatting on a cellphone. The first time it was so close that by the time the car stopped I had instinctively put my hand out (as if that would have done anything) and my hand rested on the hood of the car while its bumper pressed against my leg (no joke). There are too many cars on the road and too many people on cellphones while driving. Does every adult American really need a car? Two adults in the house...two cars; five adults in the house...five cars. Does every trip—no matter how long or short—really require a car? There are other forms of transportation. Sorry for the rant, but I had not one but two close calls tonight while I was simply out for a walk on a beautiful summer's eve. I'll put down my bullhorn now.

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I'm glad you're okay. Don't you have laws about driving and using your cell phone? We do in Ontario and there's a pretty hefty fine if you're caught.
Joe George said…
Thanks Rosie. Yes there are laws but they need to be enforced more often.