No recipe needed...

One of my food purveyors delivered a case of peaches today from which these two come. Perfect, I thought (or likely said aloud) as I opened the case. I took one and bit in and sweet nectar ran down my chin. In some instances, such as this, I also thought to myself, I could not create a recipe using these peaches that would improve them. They are perfect as is. No recipe needed. Mother nature is amazing. I just felt like saying this and sharing the photos.

A Dish of Peaches in Russia

With my whole body I taste these peaches,
I touch them and smell them.  Who speaks?

I absorb them as the Angevine
Absorbs Anjou.  I see them as a lover sees,

As a young lover sees the first buds of spring
And as the black Spaniard plays his guitar.

Who speaks?  But it must be that I,
That animal, that Russian, that exile, for whom

The bells of the chapel pullulate sounds at
Heart.  The peaches are large and round,

Ah! and red; and they have peach fuzz, ah!
They are full of juice and the skin is soft.

They are full of the colors of my village
And of fair weather, summer, dew, peace.

The room is quiet where they are.
The windows are open.  The sunlight fills

The curtains.  Even the drifting of the curtains,
Slight as it is, disturbs me.  I did not know

That such ferocities could tear
One self from another, as these peaches do.

Urban Simplicity


DanT said…
Hi Joe.

I agree, there are very few things as good as a ripe peach - it is wonderful to live here in Niagara - the peaches are fantastic.
I had some wild plums yesterday that were wonderful too.

Felix Lee said…
Oh, how I love peaches. Too bad this is so expensive here in our place.
Joe George said…
Dan...yes, they are really good, and we are lucky to live in our region.

Felix, what area of the world do you reside?