A Crescent Moon, Pink Sky, a Murder of Crows, and a few other Things I Saw while Riding My Bike Today...

So a couple things. Firstly, as I've mentioned in previous posts, Western New York has been experiencing an incredibly beautiful autumn. Each day is nicer than the next. And the evening's skies are simply spectacular. Because it has been getting dark earlier, as I leave the health club in the evening it is just before dusk, which is my favorite part of the day for light. And each night when I leave I am not sure what to expect. Tonight when I looked south and east the sky was both pink and blue and looking west it was blue in some points but at others a burnt orange. Incredible. At one point, while I was waiting at a traffic signal it was almost too overwhelming for me...tears literally welled in my eyes (no kidding). This is also the time of year that crows begin to take over the city. It's an incredible sight. So at one point I coasted into a parking lot to watch them fly from the roof of  church and adjoining buildings to tree tops and back again. Crows of course remember faces, and I wondered if they remembered mine from last year when I took their photos (I hope they thought I was friendly). Anyhow here's a few pictures from my short ride home this evening. Click any for a larger view.

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