A few links and a few words regarding them...

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Okay. So I've gotten better at this over the years. Not great, but better. What I'm talking about of course is self-promotion. This said, I thought I'd share a few links that are directly or indirectly associated with this blog. But this also requires a really brief description.

This blog (urbansimplicity.com) is my main blog; anything that is posted at any of the other sites listed in the following paragraphs are always linked back here. I post here daily or nearly daily; photos, text, or possibly just something that I find interesting and feel like (or feel I have to) share. Anything that is posted on urbansimplicity.com is then uploaded to its sister blog, urbansimplicity.net.

Urban Simplicity is also on Facebook; this is where I mostly post photos. Some of them appear on the blog but some do not. Every so often I'll post a short recipe there, but usually just photos.

And speaking of recipes brings me to my food-only blog, Culinary Freedom. This blog is not quite a year old and is mainly a place for me to collect just my recipes and posts on cooking. Most of them but not all of them; mainly those that I really like.

And if you enjoy photography or like my photos (thank you) you can view (and follow if you'd like) some of my photos on Pinterest (here) and Instagram (here). These, of course, are strictly photo sites; I've been on Pinerest for a while but just recently joined Instagram. Both of which may possibly have photos that are not on the blogs.

Anyhow, thanks as always for following, visiting, and commenting. Peace.