It's amazing what a little oil and garlic can do...

Okay. So you're likely wondering what's with the picture. Right? It's not much to look at, and what is it anyhow. Simple...spaghetti squash cooked with aglio e olio, or with garlic and oil (and a few other things. As simple as this photo looks the squash is bursting with flavor. It's amazing what a little caramelized garlic, a few hot peppers, a pinch of salt, and some olive oil can makes anything taste great. Well maybe not anything, but most things. Especially vegetables and pasta. To learn how to make this particular recipe (with photos and step-by-step instructions) click here. To learn how to cook nearly anything in this fashion, click here. Try any of these recipes, you won't be sorry; they are as good as they are simple to make.

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