Things That can be Carried on a Bike (#529 & #530)...and a brief comment

#529 (above)...two loaves of freshly baked bread on their way to my church for World Communion Sunday,  and a change of clothes wrapped in a plastic bag (so I would have dry clothes to change into when I arrived as it was pouring rain).

#530 (below)...A cardboard box full of food on its way to a local food pantry, and a camera bag and book bag that are wrapped in a plastic bag because it was raining.

A brief comment...So about two minutes after taking the below photo I rounded a corner--one I do nearly every day, so I wasn't really thinking about it--and I hit a patch of wet leaves in the rain and the bike quite literally slipped out from under me. It was the oddest thing, it just sort of slid out and left me standing there. It fell with a clunk (v3 Mundos are heavy) but nothing fell off, not even the cardboard box. I simply lifted the bike up and went on my way.  :)

Urban Simplicity.